Samsung India Employees Raise INR 1 Crore from their Salary to Contribute to PM CARES Fund

New Delhi: Samsung employees across India have put together a voluntary contribution of INR 1 crore to support the country’s fight against Covid-19. The money raised by the employees will be transferred by the Company to the PM CARES Fund.

This contribution, voluntarily raised by the employees from their individual salaries, is over and above the INR 20 crore donation made by the Company to the PM CARES Fund and other state funds, as part of the commitment to the country’s battle against Covid-19.

Samsung, India’s most trusted brand, and the country’s biggest consumer electronics and smartphone maker, is also one of the country’s largest employers. The Company started operations in India in 1995, and has remained a flag-bearer of ‘Make in India’ since then, with two factories-in Noida and Sriperumbudur, near Chennai-three R&D Centers and one Design Center, with 200,000 partner retail stores across the country. The Company’s Noida factory is the largest mobile factory in the World and India’s largest mobile phone exporter. Almost every Samsung device sold in India is made in India, by Indian employees.

Samsung believes in the philosophy of ‘Make in India, Make for India and Make for the World’.

The voluntary contribution by the employees is a testament to the same commitment, and takes roots in the Samsung values of People and Co-prosperity, among the other values such as Excellence, Change and Integrity.

The Company remains committed to assist the local communities in these trying times, and beyond, through various citizenship initiatives. In the last two months, Samsung India has provided hospitals in Noida with medical equipment required in the preventive drive against the pandemic. This includes thousands of Preventive Masks and Personal Preventive Equipment (PPE) kits: Surgeon Gowns, Face Masks, Gloves, Preventive Eye wear, Hood Cap and Shoe Covers. The Company has also equipped hospitals and at other healthcare facilities with a large number of Infra-red Thermometers and Public Address systems. Along with these, Air Purifiers that are vital to improve the ambient air quality in medical facilities, have also been provided.

In Noida, and in two districts of in Tamil Nadu, Samsung has also supported the local administration, local police and migrant workers with daily essentials such as food packets and grocery.

Deliveries of Digital X-ray and Digital Ultrasound machines that Samsung provides to government hospitals as part of its Samsung Smart Healthcare citizenship program were also hastened. The most recent deliveries of the equipment have been to hospitals in Noida, Rajkot and Pune that have been designated as Covid-19 facilities. The Samsung Digital X-ray and Digital Ultrasound machines have aided in quick diagnostics.

Samsung customers can also carry out hassle-free transfer to the PM CARES Fund directly from their Galaxy smartphones by clicking on the PM CARES Fund option on the Samsung Pay application.

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