FC Goa signs partnership with Proem Sports

Goa : FC Goa is delighted to announce that the Club has brought on board Proem Sports, a sports software-technology company, as a Club partner. Through this collaboration, FC Goa will use Proem Sports’ Customer Data Platform (CDP) – Organon and take a data-driven approach to understand, engage, and grow their fanbase.

With expectations from digital experiences ever growing, the Club feels that the partnership will help in an improved understanding of their fan behaviour and patterns.

The data will help FC Goa curate better personalised experiences for their fans. With this information, the Club will be able to automate, create, and deliver highly personalised content, across geographies, thereby driving deeper and more meaningful engagement amongst their followers.

Akshay Tandon, Co-Owner and President of FC Goa, weighed in on the partnership, saying, “As the world adopts a digital-first outlook – providing more meaningful experiences is going to be critical. We aim to redefine the way Clubs connect with their fans and other stakeholders by personalising their interactions.

“We want to take our fans along the journey to feel more connected to the Club. Our collaboration with Proem Sports, and the use of their CDP – Organon, will help us do just that.”

Powered by Machine Learning, Organon is built to address, solve, and enhance sports sponsorship, fan retention, and omni-channel marketing. It helps organisations capture and manage data, discover fan analytics, and rewire their decisions to improve business performance

Chiraag Paul, Co-founder & CEO of Proem Sports, says “We are excited to embark on this journey with FC Goa in building their vision of becoming a data centric organisation.

“People want to feel like a part of a team or club, wherever they may be located. In fact, 73% of companies now report that a CDP will be critical to enhance their customer experience. Our association highlights FC Goa’s zeal to truly deliver personalised content to their fan base across all touch points that are available.

“Proem Sports has been working to enable the understanding of sports fans and their behaviour through data mining, segmentation, and personalisation. The company is promoting the understanding that when it comes to fans in the sports industry, retention is just as important as acquisition.”


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