End Plastic Pollution deliberated at the Earth Day celebration


Bhubaneswar: Earth Day was organized by NIRMAN, a leading environmental organization of Bhubaneswar at Katalang village of Sikarpai Grama panchayat, Rayagada district, Odisha. Participants of the event included, volunteers, teachers, extension workers, community leaders, students and citizens. An attempt was made to develop awareness on use of plastic in our day to day life and develop action plans to improve waste management practices.

Apart from use of polythene bags, the pretty plastic beads used in body washes, face washes and tooth pastes cause huge damage to our river and water bodies and create havoc in animals and marine life. To tackle this, a resolution was made during the Earth Day that everyone need to keep a close watch on the use of most damaging chemicals on the ingredients list and ensure everyone buys non-toxic products from companies which do not test on animals as well. In addition to these discussions, Earth Day 2018 further emphasized focusing on fundamentally changing human attitude and behavior about plastics and catalyzing a significant reduction in plastic pollution. Help to End Plastic Pollution by finding out how many plastic items we consume and how we can consciously avoid it.

At the end, the message of the celebration was that we inherited the Earth from Our Ancestors and we have to give it back to our next generation as it was. Let’s treat it with all the respect and love we can.


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