Durga Puja celebrated at UAIL: Upholds promotion of local talent

Report by Badal Tah; Rayagada, October 9: Though positioned in an hinterland like Doraguda, which is around seventy kilometres from Rayagada, the bauxite conglomerate Utkal Alumina International Limited(UAIL), a wholly owned company of Birla, has infused the feeling of ownership amongst locals in celebrating Dussehera for five days excluding immersion at D.Karol ground in a serene atmosphere cladded with rolling hills. In the absence of merry making in this area, celebration like this with a different fervour has provided an impetus for the local communities and motivated the gamut of employees of UAIL and its ancillaries to be more productive and enhance the economy of the area.

UAIL is always committed to promote the tradition and culture of Odisha and the local community in its periphery. While during the digital era, the essence of theatre and drama is getting lost, UAIL has tried its best to revive those by promoting local street blasters, nata(theatre), orchestra, tribal dhimsa dances, etc by local talents like Majhi Gowri Dance Institute, Geet Gunjan Orchestra, Sambalpuri orchestra. Going in line with that like every year, this year the auspicious Durga puja was celebrated with great fanfare, which was organized by Pooja committee of UAIL.

The celebration began on 4th October 2019, the sixth day of worship of Maa Durga was inaugurated by President and Unit Head Shri N. Nagesh and ended on 8th October 2019 on Dussehra day with the burning of effigy of Ravan. People from 40 nearby villages came in numbers to witness the fanfare and pay their homage to the goddess Durga. To mark this occasion, mina bazar, jhula, food stall and fare had been organized which witnessed the maximum footfall of the visitors. Many dignitaries from govt administration attended this program along with senior management of UAIL namely Mrs. Lopamudra Priyadarshini, GM(Community Relations and Sustainability, Sri Siba Mahapatra and Sukanta Mahapatra.
According to Lopamudra this kind of efforts will be sustained to work in a convergence mode where they will partner with the community and the govt administration. Doraguda IIC Sri Bhatra looked after the law and order with four platoons of police led by him.

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