Cyber Security the next gen IT hot cake for Students: Digital Talent

Bhubaneswar 22nd July, 2019: With rising cases of data breaches and crisis due to cyber-attacks around the globe, cyber security is going to be the most demanding IT subject for students discussed in a seminar on “Choosing Cyber Security as a Career” organized by Digital Talent. Digital Talent is one of the Bhubaneswar based premium institutes for Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security owned by Sruti Ranjan Sahoo, who left behind his high-flying corporate career as a cyber security planner at IBM Corporation, Singapore and returned to his cradle land to produce more professionals in this field from Odisha.
To sensitize issues related to data hacking and encourage students to become an antidote to the global challenge at this point of time, Digital Talent organized the seminar on “Choosing Cyber Security as a Career” where around 25 students from colleges of Bhubaneswar such as ITER, Trident, Institute of Mathematics & Sc. and NIT took part. Sruti Ranjan Sahoo, Managing Director of Digital Talent enlightened the students about various data breach cases around the globe and how Ethical Hacking could become the next big career option in the world.
Speaking on the demand of cyber security as career, Sruti Ranjan Sahoo, Managing Director of Digital Talent said, “As data has become the most important treasure, companies and organizations across the globe have prioritized cyber security and the demand for ethical hackers has increased remarkably. As India is known for its IT talents globally the world’s expectation from us is naturally high. All big cities are preparing their IT brains to balance the demand-supply equation and Odisha has to be very much in the race. After seeing the overwhelming presence and participation of students in the seminar I am sure, Odisha will not lag behind.”
Digital Talent is a Bhubaneswar based institute that provides Certified Cyber Security Expert (CCSE) & Certified Cyber Security Professional (CCSP) Training program which are designed to develop the expertise in Cyber Security/Ethical Hacking domain. Nowadays big MNCs and organizations are investing billions of dollars for securing their Data integrity and Network Security. So Digital talent is taking an initiative and giving an opportunity to every individual those who want to start their career as an information security analyst/Ethical Hacker.

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