Commissionerate police personnel ordered to stay fit or else choose to retire from service

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to make the Covid-19 frontline warriors physically fit, the Twin City Commissionerate police has asked its employees to add regular exercise to their daily routine to fight the virus.

Closely studying various reasons for Covid deaths in the State, all Commissionerate police personnel have been ordered to stay fit or else choose to retire fromservice.

The order issued by Commissionerate police stated that it is needed to take care of police personnel’s health by bringing change in their present lifestyle. The personnel are found very sporty before they join the police service. Afterwards, their fitness degrades, for which they suffer from various life-threatening ailments like hypertension, diabetes and obesity in course of time. Since persons with co-morbid conditions are more vulnerable to Covid-19, the police personnel with other health complications need to be more careful,

As per the order, all the employees need to undergo height and weight tests mandatorily next week. They would be informed about their present BMI (Body Mass Index). The police personnel will be catagorised as obese if their BMI exceeds 30. The process would continue till July 30. The health details would be in the record with police dispensary. Again, similar test would be conducted on them after three months in November. If they are found BMI of 30 and above in the tests, they would be asked for complete workout or they have to join a six-month refresher course to reduce their weight.

Necessary action would be taken against an employee if he fails to obey the fitness formula. Either the salary increment of employee may be put on hold or he/she may be given mandatory retirement if necessary, the order stated.

Commissioner of Police Sudhansu Sarangi suggested all frontline warriors, including doctors and mediapersons, dealing with the Covid situation to focus on their physical fitness.

“The guideline is not only for police personnel but also for everyone to become physically fit. It is found that Covid-19 is targeting people with co-morbid conditions. Even if the virus naturally drives itself to extinction, a new virus may pose threat to patients with multiple co-morbidities in future. Therefore, regular exercise is required for everyone to prevent ailments,” said Sarangi.

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