Commissioner of Rourkela Municipal Corporation (RMC) visited FTBI-NIT Rourkela

Rourkela: Commissioner of Rourkela Municipal Corporation (RMC) Shri Dibyajyoti Parida, visited Foundation for Technology and Business Incubation (FTBI) NIT Rourkela, for an interactive session with the startup companies incubated at FTBI. The session started at 10:30 am, with a welcome address by the Head of the FTBI Centre, Dr Debayan Sarkar. Prof. Animesh Biswas (Director – NIT Rourkela and ex officio Chairman, FTBI NIT Rourkela), Prof. K C Pati (Chairman, steering committee, FTBI), members of the Steering committee, staff also joined the interactive session. The interactive session started with featuring a video on the incubation centre and the various activities conducted in the premises. Next, the session was addressed by Prof. Animesh Biswas, who urged the members of the start-ups to keep up their innovative activities on and running. He said,

“I congratulate the whole FTBI team on making such remarkable growth and for conducting such sessions, for the benefit of incubatees. We always strive to support start-ups and innovators in their journey of nation-building. Their contribution is essential for the social and economic growth of the region and the community. I wish them very best for the future endeavors.”

The next session was then followed by presentations and an exhibition of the products by the incubatees. Shri Dibyajyoti Parida interacted with the incubatees, and commended the innovative ideas of the founders and their teams. Addressing the session, he said,

“Local problems can be the focal points for the start-ups. The problem-solving attitude of start-ups companies could contribute to development of rural areas as well as in nation building. I congratulate FTBI-NIT Rourkela for supporting all these innovative minds.”

The encouraging words by Shri Dibyajyoti Parida gave an impetus to the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship to the incubatees, making the interactive session a successful initiative. The interactive session ended with a vote of thanks, followed by a display of the products developed by the start-up companies. Six incubatees presented their products, idea and visions of innovation. They are:

1. Yoshino Energy (currently working on renewable energy, e-vehicle technology, and battery development).
2. Fulkerya Designs (involved in waste-to-wealth innovations and is working on sustainable product development using bamboo and wood waste).
3. E-warn Systems (currently developing an IoT-based traffic management system, apart from consumer electronics).
4. Prakriti Gau Anusandhan Kendra (working on cow dung-based products and pesticide development).
5. Yarev Technologies (currently working on medical technology, IoT and consumer electronics).
6. Coratia Technologies (one of the latest entrants, is a patent-holder and is working on drone and unmanned vehicle technology).

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