Chief Minister Chouhan planted Pinkcassia and Peepal saplings in Smart Garden

New Delhi : Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan planted saplings of Pinkcassia and Peepal in Smart Garden. Chief Minister Chouhan plants saplings every day as per his resolve. Pinkcassia is important due to its environment and beautiful flowers. Chief Minister Chouhan was accompanied by  Samta Pathak, Neelam Tiwari and Sushri Rafat Siddiqui, officials of the environment-loving organisation Aavriti who planted saplings in the Smart City Park. Rajya Samanya Nirdhan Varg Kalyan Aayog Chairman  Shiv Choubey was also present on the occasion. Artifacts prepared for Chief Minister  Chouhan and  Sadhna Singh Chouhan were also presented by the organisation.

The Aavriti has been working for the last 10 years in the field of environment and cleanliness as well as for the upliftment of women, children especially the deprived and weaker sections in the society. The organisation has worked in the last ten years by being committed to a relatively permanent approach on different issues like women empowerment, child rights, cleanliness and health, environment protection etc. The organisation has been doing remarkable works for the last 5 years with the objective of “Need Based Sustainable Approach”. Aavriti has been awarded at the national level by doing innovation. Considering continuous dialogue as the mainstay and effective and useful medium, it organises programmes related to dialogue and discussions with citizens for behaviour change. The organisation is also doing remarkable works in the field of environment. The organisation has so far cleaned and beautified many areas and planted such trees and medicinal plants there, which will become a factor of good and clean air for the residents there and at the same time they will be able to prevent many diseases by consuming them.

The organisation also operates Roshni Self-Help Groups in which women are working to save the environment in Bhopal, Vidisha and other bodies by making kulhads (clay cups), dona-pattal banks, bundles, bags, masks from cloth clippings.

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