BR Life Kalinga Hospital Launches Prostate Cancer Clinic

Bhubaneswar: With an aim to spread awareness on rising cases of Prostate Cancer in India and encourage men for timely treatment, BR Life Kalinga Super specialty Hospital, a leading hospital in Bhubaneswar launched Prostrate Cancer clinic and organized a walkathon with more than 150 male senior citizens today. Numerous research studies by researchers has shown that prostate cancer in India from 2010 and 2015 were estimated as 26,000 and 28,000. It is estimated further that the number of cases will double by 2020.

Speaking on the importance of early treatment for prostate cancer, Dr. Biswajit Nanda, Sr. Urologist and kidney transplant surgeon BR Life Kalinga Hospital said, “Prostate cancer is a slow-growing cancer and usually patients do not experience specific symptoms until cancer reaches an advanced stage. We have seen many men who never realize that they are suffering from prostate issues. Once prostate cancer begins to grow quickly or spreads outside the prostate, it is dangerous. Since the symptoms remain undetected at an early stage, it is thus important for people above the age of 50 years to get screened for prostate cancer.”

Speaking about the need for the Prostate Cancer Clinic, Mr. Varghese. P. John, Unit Head, BR Life Kalinga Hospital said, “The Prostate Cancer Centre at BR Life Kalinga Hospital will focus on the advanced and quality treatment of prostate cancer and prostate gland diseases in men. There is a need to increase awareness on early signs, symptoms, risk factors and detection of prostate cancer. We have seen that patients who underwent prostate cancer treatment had a higher survival rate. The Prostate Cancer Centre is a one-of-its-kind medical unit focusing on providing superior quality treatment including medical and surgical treatment. It will offer medical diagnosis and management of prostate cancer. Treatments such as Androgen Deprivation Therapy or Surgery Radical Prostatectomy will be available to the patients depending on their medical condition.”

Prostate cancer is one of the leading cancers in India. It usually affects men in the age group of 65+ years and less than 1% of cases are in men under 50 years. Men with a family history of prostate cancer are more likely to have it. Old age, obesity, improper diet, and genetic alterations have been identified as some of the main contributing factors towards an increased cause of prostate cancer. Advanced stage of prostate cancer may cause signs and symptoms such as difficulty in urination, urgency to pass urine amongst several other symptoms. Early detection and advanced treatment can save a life and extend the number of survival years of a patient.

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