BML Munjal University institutes School of Liberal Studies Conversations; organizes the Inaugural Edition on ‘Hindi: Vaad-Vivaad-Samvaad’

New Delhi, April 24, 2024: BML Munjal University, a Hero Group initiative, instituted a prestigious forum the School of Liberal Studies (SoLS) Conversations – a forum for deliberating and engaging with complex issues and evolving situations in the contemporary world. On the occasion, BML Munjal University organized the inaugural session of SoLS Conversations on the topic, ‘Hindi: Vaad-Vivaad-Samvaad,’ at the Kamladevi Complex of the India International Centre (IIC) in Delhi, triggering a nuanced discussion on Hindi language, its Evolution, Contestations and Multiplicity. The forum was inaugurated by Ms. Swati Munjal, President, BML Munjal University and Sunil Kant MunjalBMU Chancellor.

Shyam Menon, Vice Chancellor, BML Munjal University stated, “With Law and Liberal Studies, we were keen that the university should make its presence felt in the intellectual sphere of the city of Delhi.SoLS is looking to create public for this purpose. Conversation is a dying art form in the midst of today’s polemics and television debates. We have forgotten the skill of deep listening as unhurried listening, thoughtful interventions, without certitudes and loud assertions but with the hope of attaining a higher equilibrium when something creative emerges.”


Reflecting on the importance of SoLS Conversations, Arindam Banerjee, Dean, School of Liberal Studies, BML Munjal University commented, “The SoLS Conversations represents a forum for deliberating and engaging with complex issues and evolving situations in the contemporary world. In an increasingly polarized and fast world that we live in, it is felt that there is need to nurture spaces where one can patiently engage with the nuances of various social and human issues. Needless to say, an ethos of dialogue and respectful disagreements form the core values of any democratic civilization.”


The session of ‘Hindi: Vaad-Vivaad-Samvaad was embellished by the presence of distinguished panelists and experts of the subject. Moderated by renowned historian of Indian national movement, partition and language, Salil Mishra, the esteemed panelists for the session included Hindi poet-critic and editor-translator Ashok Vajpeyi, veteran journalist, television personality and author Mrinal Pande, and Hindi poet, critic and translator Asad Zaidi.

In an insightful and engaging discussion, the esteemed panelists deep dived into various complexities around the Hindi language, discussing the self-image and internal diversity of the language; its journey since the 19th century, including various alliances, rivalries, inclusions and exclusions; Hindi’s relationship with other languages; and issues pertaining to pedagogy and Hindi journalism over the past few decades.

Conceptualized with the intention to nurture spaces for open discussion, the SoLS Conversations intends to emerge as a key forum that fosters the ethos of dialogue and respectful disagreements, which form the core-values of any democratic civilization.  In a rapidly changing world with novel challenges for humankind and nature, SoLS Conversations aims to participate and contribute to public discourses on the most important issues of our times.

The SoLS Conversations forum will continue to explore diverse themes and issues, providing a platform for insightful discussions, exchange of ideas, and collective learning. The platform is envisioned as an effort by BML Munjal University to foster informed and balanced conversations on public discourses on the most important issues of our times.

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