BMC’s cleaning staff get kits, tips to maintain personal safety and hygiene

Bhubaneswar: For the cleaning staff (safai karmachari) of the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) the occasion was a different one. While they clean the city and keep the urban environment in order, the Infosys CSR wing Akanksha and Eco-Club members briefed the former, how to maintain personal safety and hygiene.
Yes! The special drive was organised by the Infosys volunteers to clean in and around of Infocity area along with the workers of BMC and to educate the workers on personal care.
The objective behind this drive was to spread hygiene awareness among the BMC workers. The BMC workers are doing their best to keep the city clean, but they have never paid attention towards their own hygiene, which, in turn, can lead to serious health issues. Hence the Infosys CSR team educated the worker on the necessity of maintaining basic hygiene like using nose mask and hand gloves during cleaning. They were also trained on use and importance of hand washes and hand sanitizer after their daily activities.
Infosys volunteers distributed 51 kits comprising raincoat, gloves, masks and cleaning cloths to the BMC cleaning staff as a recognition towards their great work. The volunteers also distributed food packets to the workers.
Infoscions briefed the workers on daily hygiene and safety measures as well. The workers were delighted with the kits and also agreed to use the safety and hygiene tips.
Councillor of the area Pritinanada Routray of Ward No. 6 also joined the event to motivate the BMC cleaning staff. She also thanked the Infosys CSR wing for conducting this activity, which had never happened earlier. She shared the feeling that this gesture would certainly motivate others to come forward and help educate the cleaning staff, who constitutes the backbone of cleanliness of the Temple City.
“We must recognise the work and dedication of the grass-root workers, who keep the city and its environment clean. The initiative by Infosys volunteers should inspire other industrial houses and corporate to design more such innovative activities,’’ Routray observed.

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