Bhubaneswar’s first premium organic food store ‘GET BACK TO NATURE’ inaugurated

Bhubaneswar  : While organic food products have evolved to be the need of the hour, Bhubaneswar’s one-of-its -kind premium organic food brand – ‘GET BACK TO NATURE’ comes up with its first exclusive store here in Cosmopolis Apartments, Dumduma. Founded by a Software professional, Poonam Mohapatra, the brand GET BACK TO NATURE offers high- quality food produce which are chemical and residue free, cultivated using traditional farming methods. The store was inaugurated by Chief Guest Shri Prasanna Kumar Patasani, Former Member of Lok Sabha.
Inaugurating the store, the chief guest Prasanna Kumar Patasani, Former Member of Lok Sabha said “ I am glad to inaugurate GET BACK TO NATURE which is Odisha’s first ever Premium Organic food store. Quality and purity of the food we consume is very much vital for our health. Organic foods are highly nutritional as they involve no chemicals in the process. I urge people to opt for more organic food products because if we take care of our health, our health will take care of us.”
With a vision of connecting customers to the land and local organic food production, offering healthy alternatives to products of industrial agriculture, the brand offers product range including lentils, honey, A2 Ghee, nuts, cooking oil, spices along with fruits and vegetables. The products are produced in the local farms from where the freshest are procured. It should be noted, presently more than 200 manpower has been engaged in the entire process of production.
Sharing the vision and future plans, Poonam Mohapatra, Founder of GET BACK TO NATURE said, “With our new venture, we want to bring back the organic and sustainable living to our culture which has been lost since a while. We want to aware the consumers the benefits of having organic food as it leads to a healthy and long life. Although half of our produce goes wasted as organic food has lesser shelf life, we still want to promote organic food as we say health is wealth.” “Initially we are planning to open our outlets in residential apartments. Soon we will be having 10 more outlets across Bhubaneswar and then will go pan Odisha with our exclusive outlets” she further added.

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