Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation fights COVID-19 pandemic; 1,035 home isolation cases, 608 recoveries by Aug 17

Bhubaneswar: Good news for COVID-19 patients as the home isolation cases crossed the 1,000 mark as more and more asymptomatic and mild symptomatic cases are being allowed for home isolation within the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) area. Today 1,035 cases were found under this category.
It was also learnt while 608 patients have recovered from these home isolation cases, 427 are still under active category. Persons without having any co-morbidity conditions are allowed to stay under this category under the supervision of the nodal/ward officers for required infrastructure and they also undertake to maintain strict self-isolation at all times for the prescribed period of minimum 10 days after obtaining their testing results.
During the home isolation phase the patient maintains the mandatory updates with the state-level control room and city-level control room in case of need a care given can also be taken within the COVID-19 management protocol. However, persons under home isolation have to ensure safety of self, household and the community at large.
As per the standard operating procedure (SOP), the COVID Care Centres (CCC) and COVID Health Centres (CHC) created by the State Government and in association with community and other social service organisations are primarily used to house those COVID-19 suspect/positive cases, who do not have required infrastructure for home isolation.
Patients who are immuno-compromised, elderly and those with conditions like hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, chronic lungs, liver, kidney and other vascular diseases, however, are not eligible for home isolation.
Patients and other care givers have to seek immediate medical assistance if there is situation like difficulty in breathing, dip in oxygen saturation (when SpO2 is less than 95 percent), persistent pain and pressure in the chest, mental confusion or inability to arouse, slurred speech or seizures, weakness or numbness in any limb or face and developing bluish discolorations of lips/face/finger tips.
In case of any transfer is needed to transfer the patient to the COVID-care facilities or dedicated COVID hospital, it can be arranged through a consultation with the call centre/BMC with an ambulance of the designated COVID-care facility.
Meanwhile, the State Government has started providing Home Isolation Kit to persons living under this category and the kit contains medicine, Vitamin C tablets and oral rehydration salt (ORS) packets.

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