Bhubaneswar: Landmark Phase II celebrates ‘Green Day’

Bhubaneswar, July 25: The Landmark Phase II Flat Owners’ Association celebrated its ‘Green Day’ today. A new trend has started with the celebration of this day in future with an aim to keep the premises and surroundings clean and green. The motto is — “Little sweat, little rain and some pain for our environment”.
The event was presided by the president of the society Surajit Patnaik and was conducted by the person-in-charge of the garden and plantation, Chanda Singh.
Singh addressed the guests and spoke about the difficulties she faced mainly due to the recent lockdown and the fear of COVID-19 pandemic. However, the present condition of the garden and the greenery drive became possible due to the hard work of some dedicated members. The members contributed both plants and cash from others.
Secretary of the society Anand Tiwari said that the management requires more fund towards plantation and green activities. “We should also be creating a green budget for our society so that it could be a model venture for other residential societies to emulate and make the city greener and beautiful,’’ he added.
Ahin Panigrahi, a resident of the society, suggested that a fund for the same should be created and the members of the association should contribute voluntarily.
All the members then went out and participated in planting saplings and hanging flower pots in and around the premises. Culture secretary Banita Patnaik also actively participated in the event.

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