‘Antardhwani – The Inner Voice’ talks about the positivity in today’s youth: Swapna Pati

Mumbai: Actor Swapna Pati who is busy gearing up for A. K. Bir’s ‘Antardhwani – The Inner Voice’, said that the film talks about the positivity in today’s aggressive youth.
‘Antardhwani – The Inner Voice’ is a self descriptive name but does not reveal much about the film’s story. When asked to shed some light on the same, during an interview, Swapna said, “The story is about today’s young generation. Youth, today is involved in unethical and many unlawful activities. Yet they are very aggressive and sensitive to the things happening around. So, when you control the negative elements and chaos, what remains is positivity. The film talks about that positivity.”
After appearing in ‘Two Desires And A Dream’ Swapna added about her second film, ‘Antardhwani – The Inner Voice’, “I am doing workshops for this film. I consider it as my first since I will get the chance to work with a big director like A. K. Bir. The story is very different; my character is not at all close to the way I am in real life.
I will be playing a dual character. One is very simple and sweet, while the other one is part of someone else’s imagination. This story takes you through a very different journey.” She added.
When asked how difficult it is to play a dual character in the film and how is she preparing for it, Swapna said, “It is a very challenging role for me because I will be playing two different representations of the same character. The simple one is easier to play, but to play someone else’s interpretation or imagination of who you could be is a very difficult task. I am involving myself a lot into the story so that when we start shooting, it becomes easier for me to live the character.”
‘Antardhwani – The Inner Voice’ directed by National Award winning cinematographer-filmmaker A.K. Bir is produced by Rajesh Mohanty.

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