Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017 raises a record INR 8.10 Crore

New Delhi, 20th February 2018: The 10th edition of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) was a celebration – a celebration of Pride, Togetherness, Recognition, Determination, Transformation and Giving. Among its runners, ADHM continues to Inspire, but what’s most striking is that the event has successfully reinforced a bond with civil society and has yet again re-kindled the spirit of Giving. Procam International along with India Cares Foundation, the event’s philanthropy partner continued their commitment towards charity and shattered all previous records raising INR 8.10 crore for the 2017 edition, a 23% increase on 2016.

Since its inception, through the platform of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, a total of Rs 47.56 crore has been raised by over 200 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

The CSOs utilized the platform to spread awareness of their work and raise funds to sustain the various causes they work for such as Children, Community Development, Disability, Education, Environment & Animal Welfare, Health, Skill Development, Sports among others.

‘Giving’ through the platform of ADHM reached a new peak as many more runners, especially half-marathoners made their miles count for a cause. Through the combined efforts of India Cares Foundation, the CSOs, and several donors, the money raised in 2017 will positively impact the lives of at least a 1,00,000 people and the change that happens will carry over for years to come. To make this impact on society, 62 companies fielded 90 Corporate Cares teams and 274 individuals reached out and received contributions from 7,806 family members, friends and colleagues to support 87 CSOs.

Growing year-on-year, one remarkable example of fund-raising has been the Young Philanthropists: The Youth Cares category is one that comprises of three students who commit to raising a minimum of INR 75,000 as a team for a cause of their choice. In 2017 Six Youth Cares teams at ADHM collectively raised INR 36.34 lakh benefiting 6 CSOs.

Murray Culshaw, Chairperson and Founder, India Cares Foundation, states: “We very sincerely thank the people of Delhi & the NCR region, in fact, numerous people from different parts of the world, for the increasing encouragement and support provided to the social sector through this wonderful platform – the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.”

Cause neutrality, Credibility and Transparency are the words associated with the philanthropic drive in all distance running events promoted by Procam International. Every year a docket is released which has the facts and details of the funds raised through the events, featuring fundraising CSOs, individuals and companies.

In his concluding remarks, Vivek Singh, Joint MD, Procam International, said, “For Procam International, philanthropy has been a pillar atop a strong foundation that has been laid over the years; emphasizing running as a sport, a lifestyle, a way of life. It is absolutely inspiring to see runners opening up their hearts for causes and going that extra mile to impact someone’s life. I am extremely proud of the exemplary work done by all fund-raisers year on year in making this pillar stronger, as we surge ahead with hope and positivity for a better tomorrow.”


The 2016 edition of the event, has transformed almost 50,000 lives. Excerpts of Information drawn from ‘Utilization’ reports submitted by the CSOs given below.

ü As has been the trend at the event, the Health category has had the most impact with 32,766 individuals being provided with checkups, screening, treatments and medicines for various medical needs like HIV, Blood transfusions, Eye Care, Nutrition supplements for young and old alike, with the highest number being 6,541 pregnant and lactating mother & child being provided checkup, meals and nutrition.

ü Over 15,000 children were supported for Education, from the first standard to degree college students. More than half of the children have received after-school lessons in English, Maths and Science; four classrooms were built, over 25 teacher’s salaries were sponsored during the year and 3,916 Children were given complete care – home, food and education.

ü 643 Elders received food and health care during the year.

ü 421 Differently Abled received skills training for suitable jobs.

ü 797 Youth and Women were provided with vocational training in technical trades and in such courses as tailoring, beauticians course, vegetable farming and 1,180 were provided guidance to assist with considerations of career options and decision-making!

ü A few Communities were worked with during the year which helped over 6,000 people understand their rights in relation to Government and other schemes; and to know about waste segregation, water conservation and recycling. One interesting community initiate was the mass wedding arranged for 14 underprivileged girls under one roof. All of the girls were from different religious backgrounds and were married according to their faith. 2,000 well-wishers blessed the newlyweds! Presents like fridges, gas stoves, sarees, kitchen appliances, etc. were bought by the guests to bless each couple and help with their new life together.


1. Care Champions Platinum (Individuals who undertake to raise a minimum of INR 10 lakh in donations for their chosen cause.)

Highest Fundraiser and Care Champion Platinum: Jatin Arora, raised INR 16,33,385/- in support of Lotus Petal Foundation.

2. Care Champions Diamond (Individuals who undertake to raise a minimum of INR 5 lakh in donations for their chosen cause.)

Highest Fundraiser and Care Champion Diamond: Dr Nandita Chakraborty raised INR Rs 59,82,911/- in support of Lotus Petal Foundation.

3. Care Champions Gold (Individuals who undertake to raise a minimum of INR 2.50 lakh in donations for their chosen cause.)

Highest Fundraiser and Care Champion Gold: Sangharsh Shail Jaiminee raised INR 11,11,756/- in support of Lotus Petal Foundation.

4. Care Champions Silver (Individuals who undertake to raise a minimum of 1 lakh in donations for their chosen cause.)

Dr Geetanjali Chopra raised INR 4,32,300/- in support of Wishes and Blessings.

5. Youth Cares (Teams of 3 individuals who are students, each team aiming at raising a minimum of INR 70,000 for their chosen CSO.)

Highest Fundraising Team: Sariful Islam, Saloni Raj & Aman Kumar raised INR 30,28,630/- in support of Lotus Petal Foundation.

6. Corporate Cares (Companies that contribute to chosen CSOs and also encourage their employees in contributing to and fundraising for a cause.)

o Highest Corporate Contribution: Hero MotoCorp Ltd – INR 46,75,000/-

o 2nd Highest Corporate Contribution and Fundraising Team: Flour India raised INR 24,32,167/-

o Highest fundraising individual from a corporate cares team: Rukhsana Haque from Vatika Group raised Rs 1,07,313/-

7. iCare Fundraisers (Individuals who raise funds of any amount in support of a CSO or cause he or she chooses.)

o Highest Individual iCare Fundraiser: Arun Sharma raised for Lotus Petal Foundation – INR 20,13,236/-

o 2nd Highest Individual iCare Fundraiser: Deepak Sharma raised for Udayan Care – INR 13,52,243/-

8. CSOs Awards

o 1st – Lotus Petal Foundation INR 2,01,36,449/-

o 2nd – Bharti Foundation INR 95,72,606/-

o 3rd – Udayan Care INR 65,11,498/-

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