Aide et Action launched Covid19 awareness campaign in Balangir district

Balangir : The Covid19 pandemic has badly impacted to migrant workers. Millions of people have moved back to their villages are in a state of shock, agony and reeling under unprecedented distress due to the sudden loss of employment regular income. Balangir is one of the major source district of labour migration in Odisha. More than one lakh people have returned to district and after quarantine struggling to revive their livelihoods. During the spread of corona in rural area they need to be sensitized on precaution, safety measures and opportunities to re-build their livelihood through different govt schemes and program.
Aide et Action as an international developmental organization has taken the initiative for an awareness campaign in 3 migration prone districts (Balangir, Bargarh and Nuapada) of Odisha covering to 36 most migration prone Panchayats of above 3 districts with messages on precaution, govt. schemes and protection of children through campaign vehicle with audio songs in local language, posters and leaflets involving local Civil Society organizations working in the districts.
Today the campaign was launched from Agalpur block of Balangir district. Mr. Bhuban Satpathy, Block Development Officer and Mr. Mohan Patel, Chairman of Agalpur block inaugurated the campaign from the block head quarter. Encouraging the initiative, the block administration said such initiatives will support the government is fight the pandemic situation and help the migrant workers in preventing them from distress and safe and informed migration. This campaign is lead by grass root level leading organizations like Palli Alok Pathagar, Debadatta Club, SANKALPA, AHEAD and PARDA.

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