Odisha Reports Second COVID-19 Case, RMRC to Analyze Samples for Variant Identification

Odisha Registers Second COVID-19 Case, Samples Sent for Variant Analysis


Bhubaneswar, 24 December: Odisha has registered its second confirmed case of COVID-19 within the past 24 hours, as confirmed by a health department official in Bhubaneswar on Sunday.

According to the director of public health, Niranjan Mishra, a total of two COVID-19 cases have now been recorded in the state. Both affected individuals are currently undergoing home isolation, exhibiting normal health parameters, as informed to PTI.

In a precautionary measure to ascertain the potential presence of the JN1 variant, samples from both patients will be dispatched to the Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC) for comprehensive genome sequencing analysis, Mishra highlighted.

The state health authorities remain vigilant, actively monitoring the situation amidst concerns regarding emerging COVID-19 variants. Efforts to conduct thorough analyses of the virus’s genomic makeup are underway, aiming to identify and understand any potential mutations or variants that might be present in the recent cases.

The assurance of home isolation and stable health parameters of the affected individuals offers some reassurance amidst the ongoing efforts to curb the spread of the virus. The process of genome sequencing and subsequent analysis at RMRC is expected to provide crucial insights into the nature and characteristics of the virus strain prevalent in these cases.

As the state navigates through this development, health authorities urge continued adherence to safety protocols, emphasizing the significance of precautions such as mask-wearing, maintaining social distance, and vaccination to mitigate further transmission and safeguard public health.


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