Adani Foundation organises training session for “SuposhanSangini”


Dhamra: A health based trainingsession was organized by Adani Foundation workers at the community hall inDhamra Port premises. More than 45 workers working under Suposhan programme attended this training session and learned how to use Haemoglobin instrumentsbeing used to measure the level of haemoglobin in human body. Mr.Amit Kumar Daiya, an expert from Mumbai Bio-Science Technology joined this training session and explained about the use of the instruments. Basically he explained about how to operate the Haemoglobin instruments and how it works, how to connect the machine camera with mobile through Wi-fi, Registration of Beneficiaries’ Profile details, X-ray of eye to check haemoglobin level, eye testing etc. Apart from this, he explained how the instruments work with demonstration to the SuposhanSangini.

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