A fabulous surprise for Bollywood’s OG Fabulous Wives

A little birdie told us, that the Fabulous Lives of the OG Bollywood wives, Maheep Kapoor, Neelam Kothari Soni, Bhavana Pandey and Seema Kiran Sajdeh just got a whole lot more fabulous. It seems one of their shoots was halted by an unexpected, and grand entry.

Picture this: Neelam, Bhavana, Maheep, and Seema, all dressed up on the streets of Film City posing for a photoshoot, when a sleek white & red limo rolls up.

Wait? What’s happening? Was it a fan’s grand gesture for the charming Neelam? Or was it one of their besties sending an OTT surprise? Or was it a prank on her Bhavna & her friends by her daughter? The 4 ladies were left guessing until the window rolled down, to reveal the OG celebrity chef, Colonel Sanders, who arrived with ‘A limo for the ladies!’

It was finally revealed that the 4 divas who are known foodies & burger lovers were surprised with the irresistible limited edition KFC Limo Zinger Box with 5 new Zinger burgers inspired by flavours from across the globe. On seeing this, Bhavana, the ever so calm one, just couldn’t keep calm! Even Maheep, who was on a strict Himalayan diet only inhaling ‘cold air’ and exhaling ‘bad vibes’, couldn’t resist the crispy temptation. Seema, innocently let it slip about how she saw Maheep ‘secretly gobble down a Zinger, like yesterday!’ As tensions rose, Bhavana, the forever peacemaker, was out tocool things down but as fate would have it – it was her veg day. But, Colonel Sanders had another surprise – the all-new Paneer Zinger!

Expressing her love for KFC & the Zinger burgers, Bhavana Pandey said “I’ve always been obsessed with burgers – and I’m always experimenting new flavours. The moment I laid eyes on the KFC Limo Zinger Box, I was zinged into a frenzy! This range has something for everyone – which makes it such a fabulous hit.”

Seema Sajdeh said “Joining forces with KFC for the International Zinger Fest range is like adding a dose of zest to our fabulous lives! It’s a match made in Bollywood heaven, with KFC bringing the flavour while we bring the sass.”

Neelam Kothari said “When Colonel Sanders pulled up in front of us in the limo, I thought to myself, it can’t get any chicer than this. But then, there’s the KFC Limo box which has this whole range of delicious burgers – I mean who can say no!”

Maheep Kapoor said “The KFC Zinger is iconic. The idea of 5 new Zingers is fabulous. And everyone knows we love all things fabulous. It’s a collab that’s been waiting to happen, and of course, in our typical style – it’s absolutely fabulous.”

Turns out, even the most fabulous people in Bollywood can’t resist the new KFC Zingers. With 5 distinct, juicy & crispy Zinger burgers to choose – from American Classic Zinger, Caribbean Spicy Zinger, Mexican Zinger Pro to Indian Tandoori Zinger and the all-new Paneer Zinger – there’s something for ever kind of craving in this range.

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