A book Resisting Dominance: Situating Jayee Rajguru in the Khurda Uprising of 1804, reminds the first freedom fight on the nation

Bhubaneswar: A book Resisting Dominance: Situating Jayee Rajguru in the Khurda Uprising of 1804 is an edited volume that owes its beginning to concrete support and consorted efforts of the academicians, scholars, as well as the students has been released by Prof. Sabita Acharya, VC of Utkal University in the department of History. The book is an anthology of essays that intends to provide elaborate views on theoretical and thematic aspect with specific reference to anti-colonial resistance of Khurda in 1804 under Jayee Rajaguru. Each essay is unique in its own way where the authors presented their views with growing body of evidence, basic information and insight. To create an enquiry in the mind of the readers to delve deep into the matter, Part One of the book deals with the theory of resistance, the Part Two centers round the theme with analysis of events.
Prof. Sabita Acharya, Vice Chancellor, started her speech congratulating the authors and editors of the book, particularly the academicians, research scholars and students with their consorted efforts and that is a proud moment for the university. This is democratic in nature, which allows the new ideas, cross fertilization of knowledge and bring a new dimension to the existing knowledge. She also praised the department of History.
“Historic movements in India during 17th and 18th Century and highlighted about the land Odisha, how the leadership of Jayee Rajguru led the first freedom movement despite he is not a fighter or an administrator. He is one of the finest war planners made 5 Paika Akhadas in Khurdha district during 1804. A man of profound integrity remembered all the time. He resides the hearts of Odias, he symbolized the heroism in Odia land”, elaborated Prof. Harihar Panda, Retired Professor of NDA, Pune, a Member of Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) to the gathering.
Prof. Somarani spoke about the purpose of the book and focused about the research oriented book on which the history will find out the 3 categories of personalities with their prominence, the heroes of the Indian Independence. She focused on the background of Odia Nationalism, Pre-historic Odisha to greater Odisha in his speech”
The program was introduced by Prof. Jayanti Dora, HoD, Department of History while the vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Ajit Kumar Sahoo.

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