Zee Keralam’s ‘Kudumbashree Sharada’ reaches 100th episode

Kochi : Kudumbashree Sharada, the immensely popular television series currently being telecast on Zee Keralam, is into its 100th episode. Positioned as ‘the heart-warming story of a loving family’, Kudumbashree Sharada will air its 100th episode on Thursday, July 21. The series, which has already garnered sizable audience among the family audience in Kerala and Malayali viewers in other parts of India and the world, has been applauded for its unique story line and amazing performances of its cast.
The tale of a single mother who singlehandedly strives towards ensuring success of her three daughters forms the crux of the series. Emotionally-charged, yet bringing out the nuances of a strong woman, Kudumbashree Sharada has successfully struck a chord with the family audience for the narration of a tale of a woman who would not be bogged down by the challenges that keep arising before her.  Kudumbashree Sharada is inspired by the hugely successful Kudumbashree initiative, which is a poverty eradication and women empowerment programme of the Kerala Government.

Award-winning actress Sreelakshmi, who plays Kudumbashree Sharada, fascinates the audience for her portrayal of the title character in a subtle and strong manner. As has been the case with the women characters in all the television series chosen for telecast on Zee Keralam, Kudumbashree Sharada also brings to the fore a bunch of strong female characters who are not willing to be pinned down by any hassle that come their way. Apart from Kudumbashree Sharada, her daughters Shalini, Sharika and Shyama and the antagonist Rajeswari come across as unique characterisations that explore the nuances of the independent and strong female mind.
While Shalini, Sharada’s second daughter played by the pretty Mersheena Neenu, is a bold confident girl with IAS aspirations, the eldest daughter Sharika (played by Devika) is a mix of logical and emotional in her approach towards life. The youngest daughter Shyama (played by Sreelakshmi) is a student and Kabaddi player who dreams small so as to stay happy. Amrita plays the antagonist Rajeshwari, who is a jealous woman trying to create problems in the closely knit family of Kudumbashree Sharada. Vishnu, played by Prabhin, plays the male lead. Kudumbashree Sharada has been wholeheartedly accepted by the family audience, and therein lies its success.

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