RMRC confirms Vibrio Cholerae in Kashipur: District Administration acts according to protocol

Report by Badal Tah, Rayagada : After testing the sample reports, Regional Medical Research Centre, Bhubaneswar has confirmed resurgence of Cholrea in Kashipur. Vibrio cholerae bacteria was found in the faeces of three patients from Dudukabahal village, one of several affected villages in the block. The bacteria has also been found in the water used by the villagers. The district administration did not wait for the report to come. In stead, it took several preventive steps to contain the disease. Water sources and surroundings in various Panchayats of Kashipur Block are being decontaminated and cleaned. All citizens are requested district administration to maintain hygiene and sanitize the surroundings and consume any water only after boiling it thoroughly. Prophylactic medicines alongwith enough halogen tablets, chlorine and other necessary medicines have been sent to affected villages. Health workers and Anganwadi workers and ASHAs are helping the health team in surveillance.

As per RMRC report, the reason for spread of cholera is due to contamination of water sources. The local streams are affected. Ultimately due to leaching effect, the drinking water sources like tubewells are contaminated. If rain continues, there is a fear of the disease spreading to other areas of Rayagada, Kalahandi and Koraput, the RMRC team warned. In a press briefing, Collector Swadha Dev Singh has said that necessary steps are being taken strictly following cholera treatment protocol. A helpline & District Control Room number 9437448747 has been issued in all the social media accounts of district administration so that people with any symptoms can call the Control Room for treatment and also whoever needs arrangement for transportation through ambulance to nearby hospitals.

Dr Lal Mohan Routray, CDM&PHO, Rayagada informs that patients who fled UAIL hospital after initial treatment created problem. Now it has been decided to admit C level serious cases and retain them for few days till they normallise to level B & A. Doctors have come from Health Directorate Bhubaneswar & Koraput Medical College to help Kashipur CHC and seven PHCs/Sub-centres situated in Kashipur. There are five mobile health teams moving from village to village and are alert 24X7. Water tankers bearing safe water for drinking & cooking purpose have been supplied to needy villages and the inhabitants are requested to avoid drinking water from open wells, streams, ponds, etc.

Seven deaths occurred due to Cholera and around 90 patients are getting treated in several govt hospitals including Utkal hospital. Every five years during 2007, 2012 & 2017 there was resurgence of this killer disease in Kashipur killing hundreds of patients. As these tribal districts are prone to this killer disease, the state disaster management plan must seriously be inclusive for a permanent solution.

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