Zareen Khan Launches Her Very Own Website ‘Happy Hippie Zareen’


Mumbai: This year has brought connecting with people using technology to the forefront, especially due to the lockdown and distancing that the pandemic has caused. Bollywood stars are keeping pace with the ever-changing digital needs of their fans and connecting with them using novel ways.

Actress Zareen Khan, who launched her YouTube channel a few months ago, has taken yet another step in digitalization and launched her very own website, where she will be able to share the latest updates on her upcoming projects, songs, news and all that is going on in her life. The website is called ‘Happy Hippie Zareen’, a name that the actress has claimed on numerous occasions best describes her.

The website has a fun and colourful user interface curated to suit the actress’ lively and quirky personality. Sharing her thoughts on the same, Zareen says, “I’m really excited to introduce my first official website. It is registered by the name of ‘Happy Hippie Zareen’ as that’s what describes me the best. The website features my works, pictures and all other facts that my fans wanted to know about me and it will also have first hand information about all my future projects.
I am looking forward to connecting with my fans from across the globe through the website”

Zareen has been highly lauded by the industry for being so outspoken and vocal, not just by sharing candid and up close and personal details of her life, but by voicing her opinion on socially relevant subjects. She has also endeavoured to entertain her doting fans with social interactions, live streams and posts.

We highly applaud the stunning and talented actress’ attempts at engaging with her fans, and we can’t wait to check out her website, which is now live, and know what more Zareen has in store for us.

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