Workshop on Design Process by K B Jinan at Centurion University

Bhubaneswar: Centurion University has conducted a three day “Design Process workshop” by famous educationist and designer K B Jinan. More than 500 students have participated in this event.

An activist, designer and educationist K B Jinan has been working with traditional artisans in various parts of India. Jinan who calls himself a victim of ‘modern’ and ‘western’ education system who has lost his cultural roots, worldview, intuitive abilities and the authentic sense of beauty as a result of it. The workshop was conducted with the purpose of introducing students to what is meant by design process and to initiate them into exploring design process.

The purpose of the workshop was to help students to develop a better understanding of the interrelationship between creativity and design and to understand the process of learning in a simple manner along with a practical insight to the process of Learning.

The event was coordinated by Prof. Chandrabhanu Pattanayak, Director, Institute Of Knowledge Societies Of Centurion University.

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