‘We Will Fight, Even Salim-Javed Fought For Their Right’ Says SWA Jury Member Amit Khanna


Mumbai: Bollywood has been quite unfair to writers and they often get robbed of their credit whether as screenwriters or lyricists.

SWA (The Screenwriters Association) has been taking a strong stand off late to protect the rights of the screenwriters. After pushing for better remuneration and legal aid now the SWA has set the SWA Awards. These awards aim to honor the screenwriters and lyricists for their outstanding work, by a jury that truly understands and appreciates the nuances of good writing.

At a press conference to announce the nominees for best lyrics in films and television, the jury members spoke to the media about the issue of credit.

Senior jury member Amit Khanna talked about the importance of fighting for the credit. He said while there was an era where writers used to get more importance in films because they fought for it.

Elaborating, he said that Salim-Javed duo, who are regarded as Hindi cinema’s greatest screenwriters, also had to fight for their credit. They insisted in their contracts that their credit should be on the posters. Amit Khanna said that they fought for their credit and so will we.

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