Narifirst Founder Aikta Sharma Seeks Blessings at Vaishno Devi Temple Following Success of Naarifirst Jewel of India Beauty Pageant

 Aikta Sharma, the visionary founder behind Narifirst, recently embarked on a spiritual journey to Vaishno Devi Temple, seeking blessings and expressing gratitude for the overwhelming success of the Naarifirst Jewel of India Beauty Pageant.

The Naarifirst Jewel of India Beauty Pageant, a prestigious event celebrating beauty, talent, and culture, captivated audiences nationwide with its grandeur and elegance. As the brainchild of Aikta Sharma, the pageant showcased the essence of Indian beauty and talent, fostering empowerment and inclusivity.

After the triumphant culmination of the pageant, Aikta Sharma embarked on a pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi Temple, a sacred site revered by millions of devotees. In a deeply personal and spiritual journey, Aikta sought blessings and expressed heartfelt gratitude for the immense success and blessings bestowed upon the Naarifirst Jewel of India Beauty Pageant.

Reflecting on the significance of the pilgrimage, Aikta Sharma stated, “Visiting Vaishno Devi Temple has been a profoundly humbling and spiritually enriching experience. I am immensely grateful for the divine blessings that have guided the journey of Narifirst and the success of the Jewel of India Beauty Pageant. This pilgrimage is a testament to our commitment to uphold values of humility, gratitude, and spiritual harmony.”

Aikta Sharma’s pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi Temple symbolizes the ethos of Narifirst, embodying a harmonious blend of tradition, spirituality, and modernity. As Narifirst continues to pave the way in the beauty and fashion industry, Aikta Sharma remains rooted in gratitude and reverence for the divine blessings that propel the brand forward.

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