‘Wajid Khan Was A Noble Soul Born For The Sake Of Humankind’- Says Band Mate Anil Bhatt

By Roy, Mumbai:  The sudden demise of Wajid Khan is a big shock for Bollywood music industry, especially when the state is worst hit by Covid 19, and on the verge to face a cyclonic devastation. While social media is flooded social media with condolences B-town biggies and netizens, here we have Anil Bhatt, the band mate and session musician of Sajid-Wajid sharing his story about Wajid Khan.

“I was introduced to Sajid-Wajid by Anup Shankar ji. From there my journey began with the duo as a percussionist. I did my first show with them at Mauritius. But I had never thought that they will treat me as a family member. Wajid bhai never made me feel like an outsider,” says Anil.

He also says that both Sajid and Wajid has considered him as a younger brother. Anil has received so much love, affection, and learning from the father of Sajid-Wajid, late Ustaad Sharafat Khan. During the rehearsal sessions of their band, their family used to send home-cooked food for everyone. None of them a space of difference.

Anil goes on narrating about his first break in cine world as a musician, “One fine day I told Wajid bhai that I want to play for movie songs. The next moment he said- “its all yours, you needn’t ask”. From then onwards I have played in ‘Dabangg 2’, ‘Ishkq In Paris’, ‘Rowdy Rathore’ etc.

They always promoted real talent in the industry because they knew what it takes to pave on the path of dreams.”

Memories stay back in absence of the person. From so many memorable moments, Anil shares one instance with us, “Wajid bhai used to make me sing in every live show. In one such live show at Pune, he announced that he is going to launch me as a playback singer in one of his upcoming projects. He always stood up for his artists with pride. The thing that mattered the most was his love and appreciation towards me and my work. He’s gone too soon. It’s a huge loss for his family, to me, and to the entire music industry.”

The uniqueness in Sajid-Wajid’s music is due to the percussionists. Their musics are very less programmed because the duo has always believed in promoting and empowering musicians. Anil says, “They never earned for themselves. They always gave opportunity to musicians even if it is not required. This sense to sustain Indian music and musicians is what made them stand out of the crowd.”

Anil had promised Wajid to visit Ajmer Sharif Dargah after his remission from illness. However, it turned out to be his last meeting with Wajid.

“If I would be granted with one wish, I would ask almighty to send back Wajid bhai. Because our world needs noble souls like him,” says Anil.

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