Virtual Tour to State Tribal Museum:Traditional Art and Craft of Kutia Kandha

Bhubaneswar: As an initiative of ST& SC Development Department, Odisha State Tribal Museum goes   virtual. Today i.e. on 29th November the audience can visualize the traditional Art and Craft of Kutia Kandha by opening the Facebook and Twitter page @stscdev, @scstrti.

Kutia Kandha resides mainly in Rayagada, Kalahandi and Kandhamal (Eastern Ghat Region) districts. The Kutia Kandha are skilled in fashioning beautiful combs from bamboo splits. These combs are used not just to untangle hair, but also as gifts of courtship in the community.

The Kapdaganda is a distinctive Shawl embroidered with traditional motifs in red, yellow and green worn by Dongria Kandha men and women. Embroidered by the women, the
Kapdaganda is often exchanged as a gift between young lovers

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