Veteran journalist Prasanta Patnaik’s two books “ASATI”,”SRI LACHHMAN UNACHA” launched

Bhubaneswar: In a courful function at the Press Club of Odisha two books were launched on Monday by national award winner Odia film actor, director and writer and Rajya Sabha membee Prasanta Nanda, eminent poet Dr Rajendra Kishore Panda and most popular lyricist, story writer, poet and the ex-vice-Chnacellor of Ravenshaw Unicersity Devdas Chhotray.

Both the books “ASATI” a short novel and satire ollection “SRI LACHHMAN UNACHA” are written by Prasanta Patnaik , who is wellknown all over as journalist, photo-jpurnalist, columnist and creative writer.

Poet Dr Rajendra Kishore Panda lauded the creations of Mr Patnaik and hoped that he wold continue his journalistic activities to strengthen the media and inspire young media persons .

Mr Prasanta Nanda in his speech saif , though in the present socio-political scenerio Verginity has lost its importance and is considered as an out-dated word, the time when this novel Asati was written in 1962 while Patnaik was a student and was much aware of the moral values in the society will be conidered as true picture of the then society and the youmg generation can know the meanind of true love while going through the major character Devabandya”. He expresed his regreats for the lack of interests of the present generation for reading and appealed all to develop the habit of purchasing and redaing books which will help to develop Odia language and literature to a great extent.

Mr Chhotray . narrated about his intimacy with the writer and how Prasanta was too much loved by his dramatist father Gopal Chhotray. He made a detailed evaluation on Asati and Lachhman Ubacha and hoped that both the books will be liked by the readers.

Prof. Jyoti Nanda an established story writer critically analysed Asati which was written in 1962 when the author was only 21years old. Though the author has confessed that with imature experience he had tried his hand in writing this novel basing on a love story, one can see the reflection of the then society. Prof. Nanda appreciated the satires of Sree Lachhman Ubacha in which the redears can feel the true love and intimacy of Prasanta Patnaik with the famous satirist Faturananda.

Eminent poet, columnist, culture critic Mr Kedar Mishra coordinated the about two-hour long meeting with jam-packed auditorium .

Eminnent Cartoonist K.K. Rath who has drawn the cover page and inside illustrations of :”Sri Lachhman Unacha” was felicitred along with eminent veteran photographer Mr P.C. Dhir whose photograph was used in the cover page of Asati.

Rashmirekha Patnaik in her welcome address spoke about the creation of Associated Media Foundation in 1998 as a mullyi-media news agency to cater ti the needs of local, national and international newspapers, tv channels and media industry while promoting educated young men and women and providing them scope to live with diginity.

Wellknown writer and Dinalipi editor Bata Krushna Tripathy, Bijooyatparnjya Tripathy, Asit Mohanty, Premananda Ray , Sibakripa Bose, Prof. Biranchi Puhan, Prof. Avedananfa Mohanty, and a number of writers, mediua persons attended the Lokarpan.

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