Van Heusen Innerwear collaborates with Ace Indian Cricketer Hardik Pandya

Hyderabad  :  Van Heusen Innerwear, a renowned name in the world of mid-premium innerwear, has launched its latest advertising campaign featuring cricketing sensation Hardik Pandya. This collaboration marks the commencement of an exciting and dynamic partnership between one of India’s foremost innerwear brands and one of the nation’s most iconic sports figures. Van Heusen Innerwear is part of Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL), India’s leading fashion and apparel company.

In this new-age advertisement, viewers will see Hardik donning the Van Heusen Air Series Innerwear in a gripping narrative. The film portrays the journey of a contemplative cricketer undergoing rigorous training in a virtual reality simulator. Throughout the storyline, Hardik is subjected to a test of both physical and psychological fortitude, and he excels under pressure, courtesy of the lightweight and adaptable Van Heusen Air Series innerwear. The campaign artfully showcases the distinctive features of the collection and ends with Hardik seemingly levitating in innerwear that is “as light as AIR”.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Puneet Kumar Malik, CEO, Van Heusen Innerwear stated, “We are excited to launch our new campaign featuring cricketing sensation Hardik Pandya.  Van Heusen Air Series Innerwear collection is a perfect blend of high performance and fashion, making it a game-changer in the mid-premium segment. We believe Hardik’s unwavering passion and his dynamic persona adds the edge required to make Van Heusen Innerwear reach larger base of consumers seeking ultimate comfort. This strategic collaboration aims to solidify our industry leadership in delivering innovative and stylish innerwear addressing the ever-evolving needs of modern consumer.” 

In response to this collaboration, Hardik Pandya, who is exclusively managed by RISE Worldwide said, “I am pleased to be associated with Van Heusen Innerwear for their Air Series campaign. The brand is renowned for its high fashion sense, comfort, and innovation. Van Heusen Air Series innerwear, which is ultra-breathable, ultra-light, and ultra-stretchable, perfectly aligns with my preferences. I look forward to being part of their upcoming brand journey.”

The Van Heusen Innerwear Air Series campaign will be amplified through a mega-media mix across YouTube, Hotstar, Inshorts, ESPN Cricinfo and Onground activations.

Van Heusen Innerwear offers an extensive range of Innerwear products, available across a network of 150+ exclusive stores 32,000+ multi brand outlets and major large-format retail chains.

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