TVS Eurogrip’s new brand campaign talks about Tyres for a Country full of Turns

Mumbai : TVS Eurogrip, India’s leading 2 & 3-wheeler Tyre brand recently launched an integrated marketing campaign that talks about how the brand has a wide range of tyres for India, a country full of turns. The campaign is a befitting tribute to the resilience of two-wheeler riders and many more who have entrusted their unwavering trust in the company and its tyres.

The campaign is born from a powerful consumer insight. All riders, be it seasoned bikers or city riders experience some uncertainty and vulnerability during their ride at times. One such key moment is when they take a turn, and that’s when an efficient pair of tyres makes all the difference. TVS Eurogrip, The Bike Tyre Specialist has a wide range of tyres to take on any turn with confidence.

The new ad film is a vibrant montage of many different “turns” an Indian rider encounters; some are natural turns around mountains or highways while others are unexpected turns due to unforeseen circumstances. While bringing to light these different turns the two-wheeler rider faces in their everyday lives in an engaging and humorous manner, the film also deftly brings alive the many nuances that are the real charm of the Indian landscape. The film is a visual treat showcasing varied experiences from the life of two-wheeler riders of all kinds, weaving around buildings, manoeuvring narrow roads and unforeseen diversions, changing course mid-way and the thrill of riding on exotic hillsides.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. P. Madhavan, EVP – Sales & Marketing, TVS Srichakra Limited, said, “Staying true to our brand mission of providing the new age millennial rider with specialist tyre technology for his two-wheeler, we have picked an insight that we believe every rider can relate to. The Indian rider is posed with many twists and turns during his daily as well as occasional rides. We are excited to showcase how our wide range of tyres give riders the confidence and assurance that they need while taking those unforeseen turns, or when riding through a winding road. We are bringing the campaign idea alive through an impactful integrated marketing campaign.”

Commenting on the campaign, Rajiv Chatterjee, Chief Business Officer – Tilt Brand Solutions says “During the investigative steps for this campaign what we realised from consumers was that the moment of truth for any rider is at a turn. It is on a turn when the rider gets that split second of a doubt and perhaps one of the very few moments when they actively think of the tyre. This is the moment we wanted TVS Eurogrip to own and thereby play a genuine role in the customer’s life. We especially feel happy in having been able to identify and convey a functional benefit that is geo-culturally relevant”


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