TPSODL Upgrades Power Infrastructure in Nabarangapur

Berhampur: In a noteworthy step, TPSODL (TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited) has upgraded the Power Transformer (PTR) in Chandahandi Block, a tribal-dominated and hilly region in the Nabarangpur district. This area has long struggled with electricity issues that have impacted essential services like the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS) Project and Lift Irrigation (LI) Project. Recognizing the critical need for reliable power, TPSODL upgraded the existing PTR from 3.15 MVA to 5 MVA.

Seven Gram Panchayats of Chandahandi block, namely Chandahandi, Dandamunda, Patakhandia, Dalabedha, Kuhudi, Motigaon, and Dhodipani, will experience a significant transformation due to this power infrastructure enhancement. The increased voltage and reliable power supply will solve the long-term low voltage problem, benefiting the Residents and community.

“TPSODL remains committed in improving the power infrastructure in Southern Odisha, ensuring that even the most remote areas receive reliable and efficient electricity. This upgrade in Chandahandi is a testament to our dedication to empowering communities and driving sustainable development in the region”, said Mr. Amit Kumar Garg, CEO of TPSODL. By enhancing power infrastructure, we are not just solving current problems but also laying a foundation for future growth and development,” added Mr. Garg.

This upgrade directly benefits 5000 consumers and ensures a more stable and efficient power supply. The two 11 KV feeders, Deobandh and Chandahandi town, along with 14 LI (Lift Irrigation) points and 10 RWSS (Rural Water Supply) points, now enjoy improved voltage levels, with the tail end voltage rising from 180 volts to 230 volts. This enhancement addresses the voltage issues and anticipates future demands in the region.

The improved power infrastructure is set to impact the local community. Reliable electricity is crucial for irrigation, and with the upgraded PTR, cultivators in the Chandahandi block can look forward to better crop yields. The consistent power supply will aid in the efficient operation of lift irrigation systems, ensuring adequate water for crops.

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