Total of Rs. 28,36,980 amount collected from sale of tickets of Republic Day Parade : Ajay Bhatt

Several Ministries/Departments/Organisations/State Governments etc. participate in organisation of Republic Day Parade and Beating Retreat Ceremony. In turn, Ministry of Defence coordinates various arrangements with a large number of executing agencies in connection with the conduct of Republic Day Parade and Beating Retreat Ceremony. The expenditure on making various arrangements for the Republic Day Ceremony is borne by the respective participating/executing organisations/agencies from their own budget allocations and is not compiled or exhibited under one Head of account. However, the allocation of Ceremonials Division of Ministry of Defence for Financial Year 2022-2023 is Rs 1,32,53,000/- for all ceremonial functions during the year.

The allocation of budget to Ceremonials division of Department of Defence for conduct of all kinds of Ceremonial events during the Financial Year in the last five years is as follows:

F.Y. 2018-19      –        Rs 1,53,62,000/-

F.Y. 2019-20      –        Rs 1,39,65,000/-

F.Y. 2020-21      –        Rs 1,32,53,000/-

F.Y. 2021-22      –        Rs 1,32,53,000/-

F.Y. 2022-23      –        Rs 1,32,53,000/-

Year–wise details of revenue generated from the sale of tickets for the Republic Day Parade and Beating Retreat Ceremony are as under:

Year Amount (Rs.)
2018 34,90,000.00
2019 34,34,264.00
2020 34,72,990.00
2021 10,12,860.00
2022 1,14,500.00
2023 Total amount collected from sale of tickets is Rs. 28,36,980/-. However, tickets which got cancelled due to system error, refund of amount is under process.

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Ajay Bhatt in a written reply to Shri Haji Fazlur Rehman in Lok Sabha today.

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