Total Coal Production in the Country & Efforts to Enhance Quantity

New Delhi : State-wise raw coal production in the country during 2020-21 and 2021-22(till December) is given below:


(Figure in Million tonnes)

STATE/Year 2020-21 2021-22

Upto Dec-21 (Provisional)

ASSAM 0.036 0.000
CHHATTISGARH 158.409 98.558
JAMMU & KASHMIR 0.012 0.009
JHARKHAND 119.296 79.957
MADHYA PRADESH 132.531 98.236
MAHARASTRA 47.435 32.971
ODISHA 154.150 127.928
TELANGANA 52.603 48.171
UTTAR PRADESH 17.016 12.800
WEST BENGAL 34.596 23.715
All India 716.084 522.345

Source: CCO Provisional Coal Statistics 2021-21
As per initial study report of NITI Aayog, the estimated coal demand of various sectors viz.. Power generation, Iron & Steel, Cement, Aluminium, and Captive Power Production, is about 1192-1325 Million Tonnes (MT) in 2030.

The following action has been taken by Government to further enhance the production of the coal in the country:

  1. Commercial Auction of coal on revenue share mechanism: Auction of commercial mining on Revenue Sharing Mechanism was launched on 18.06.2020 by Hon’ble Prime Minister. Under this scheme, total of 2 tranches have been successfully completed and third Tranche is currently under process. From these two tranches total of 28 coal mines have been successfully auctioned for which Vesting order have in signed for 27 coal mines.
  2. Allow sale of excess coal production: The Ministry of Coal has amended Mineral Concession Rules, 1960 with a view to allowing sale of coal or lignite, on payment of additional amount, by the lessee of a captive mine up to 50 percent of the total coal or lignite produced in a financial year, after meeting the requirement of the end use plant linked with the mine. Earlier this year, the Mines and Minerals (Development & Regulation) Act had been amended to this effect. This is applicable for both the private and public sector captive mines. With this amendment, the Government has paved the way for releasing of additional coal in the market by greater utilization of mining capacities of captive coal and lignite blocks,which were being only partly utilized owing to limited production of coal for meeting their captive needs.
  3. Rolling auction: In order to expedite the process for conducting auction and to carryout more rounds of auction in a year, a mechanism of rolling auctions of coal mines has been planned. Under this mechanism, upon completion of the electronic auction process of a tranche, the next tranche of auction would be launched for following mines:

a. Mines where no bid or only single bid was received in the previous tranche of auction (except for those mines where Ministry of Coal decides to go for second attempt of auction)

b .New mines, if any, identified by Ministry of Coal

In the current III tranche of commercial auction, total of 48 coal mines have been rolled over from the II tranche of mines.

  1. Single Window Clearance: The Union government has already launched Single Window Clearance portal on 11.01.2021 for the coal sector to speed up the operationalisation of coal mines. It is an unified platform that facilitates grant of clearances and approvals required for starting a coal mine in India. Now, the complete process shall be facilitated through Single Window Clearance Portal, which will map not only the relevant application formats, but also process flow for grant of approval or clearances.
  2. Coal India Ltd. has envisaged a coal production programme of one Billion Tonne from CIL mines. CIL has taken the following steps to achieve the target of augmentation of coal production capacity:
  1. 15 Projects identified with a Capacity of about 160 MTPA (Million Tonnes per Annum) to be operated by Mine Developer cum Operator mode.
  2. Capacity addition through special dispensation in Environment Clearance under clause 7(ii) of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 2006
  3. CIL has taken steps to upgrade the mechanized coal transportation and loading system under ‘First Mile Connectivity’ projects.

This information was given by Union Minister of Coal, Mines and Parliamentary Affairs  Pralhad Joshi in a written in Lok Sabha today.

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