Three demolition drives in a day by BDA-BMC joint squad

Bhubaneswar: In a day of three evictions today the join enforcement squad of Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) carried out demolition of an unauthorised structure at Unit III Kharvel Nagar, five unauthorised extensions of Prayas kiosks at Kalinga Hospital Square and Laxmisagar Canal Road from Mahadev Nagar to Jagannath Nagar.
The demolition at Plot No. 911/1740 was done as per requisition given by the General Administration Department as the OPP case of 41 of 2006 was resolved on March 21, 2017 and demolition order was given against the encroacher Krushna Chandra Mohapatra. Mohapatra, who is having a GAD-allotted plot next to the above plot, had encroached upon the prime land of about 43 decimal behind the Office of the Labour Commissioner.
The encroachment, an old one was used as an office premises and the staff of the office salvaged the furniture and other items placed inside the building while the demolition was in force. Two excavators, one from BDA and one from BMC were engaged during the eviction drive. One platoon of gents APR and one section of lady police force were deployed along with two eviction squads of the civic agencies. Senior enforcement officials of BDA were present during the drive.
While the Prayas kiosks were allotted to unemployed youth to establish food kiosks near roadside from Nalco/Kalinga Hospital Square and beyond, unauthorised extensions have given rise to traffic issues and other problems, resulting in eviction drive today. Five unauthorised extensions of Prayas kiosks were demolished by the joint squad of BMC-BDA without deployment of police force.
In another eviction drive along Laxmisagar Canal Road from Mahadev Nagar to Jagannath Nagar 13 tin structures, seven asbestos houses and a boundary wall of 200 feet were demolished.

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