The 13th Edition of Shubhapallaba Released with a Message for Coronavirus

Bhubaneswar: On this Utkala Dibasa, Shubhapallaba released its 13th e-Edition in Odia. Everyone is at home due to the lockdown to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus and at this time, people may love this edition.

The cover photo of this edition is drawn in a combination of Lord Rama for Rama Navami who aims his arrow towards the corona virus spreading. The motto of this image is to say about the 14 days quarantine, like Lord Rama stayed in the Jungle for 14 years.

A total of 19 articles published this time under the editing of Sangram Keshari Senapati. Tapas Ranjan had written the editorial of this edition and Sambeet Das had designed the cover photo. The magazine is available on its website

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