Tata Steel Mining Hosts ‘Jaiba Kala Vividhata’

Expressing Biodiversity Through Art

Sukinda : Tata Steel Mining Limited (TSML) organised a unique event titled “Jaiba Kala Vividhata” to promote biodiversity and sensitise communities on the importance of biodiversity conservation at the Sukinda Chromite Mine campus here on Thursday. Based on the theme ‘Expressing Biodiversity Through Art’, the event witnessed an impressive display of diverse art forms.
Aimed to create awareness and highlight the need for the preservation of ecosystems, the event brought together environmentalists, artists, community members, and employees of Tata Steel Mining to engage in meaningful discussions and activities centered around biodiversity conservation.
In conjunction with the event, a three-day art and craft workshop was organised by eminent artist Badal Pramanik and his team from Shilpi Niketan, Jamshedpur. Participants of the workshop had the opportunity to engage in various creative activities, showcasing their artistic skills while also imbibing the significance of preserving biodiversity.
Speaking on the occasion, Pankaj Satija, Managing Director, Tata Steel Mining, said, “Through initiatives like ‘Jaiba Kala Vividhata,’ we aim to create awareness about the importance of biodiversity and nurturing our cultural heritage. We believe that by celebrating art and nature together, we can inspire positive change and build a better future.”
The event also witnessed an impressive display of diverse art forms like mesmerizing rice art, intricate sand art, exquisite terracotta creations, captivating pattachitra paintings, elegant brass artifacts, and stunning stone carvings. Each artwork depicted the symbiotic relationship between nature and art, emphasizing the need to conserve the environment and its precious biodiversity.
Gracing the event Anil Jena, Senior Project Fellow from Odisha Biodiversity Board lauded Tata Steel Mining’s efforts towards sustainable development and environmental stewardship.
It is noteworthy that the company had observed International Day for Biodiversity recently in a unique way by organising story telling session to highlight the importance of biodiversity conservation and document knowledge of the indigenous community.

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