SRI-Bangalore’s Young Engineers Collaborate in Key Innovations in Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Series is the new standard-bearer of a trustworthy premium smartphone experience, merging power and lasting innovation in devices that have less environmental impact. Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore (SRI-B) is Samsung’s largest software R&D center outside South Korea and has contributed to the development of breakthrough innovations in the new Galaxy S23 series by closely collaborating with Korea teams and other Overseas R&D centers like Samsung Research America (SRA).


SRI-B engineers contributed significantly in the development of key features in camera, multi-device experience (SmartThings), on-device AI, 5G and Services in Galaxy S23.


“Our innovations are inspired by young consumers, who are the window to the future. Their curiosity, energy and wonder, together with the expertise and skills of our experts enable us to create breakthrough technology in smartphone camera, 5G and multi-device experience. Galaxy S23 series will delight our consumers and present them with their daily dose of awe and excitement,” said Mohan Rao Goli, CTO of Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore.



SRI-B engineers have been focusing on continuous R&D efforts to enhance the smartphone photography experience in every flagship devices. The new Galaxy S23 series, equipped with a pro-grade AI camera system, can capture amazing photos and videos even in low-light conditions. Inspired by our young and talented engineers, our experts in the domain passionately worked on computational photography and Vision AI technology to help enhance features including Nightography, Pro-grade Video, High-Resolution HDR and Astrophotography in Expert RAW.



SRI-B engineers with strong expertise in Visual Intelligence and depth estimation along with 2PD dual pixel hardware sensor capabilities, significantly enhanced key features like Selfie Portrait and Autofocus for video in Galaxy S23 series. The Expert RAW app, first launched in Galaxy S22 series, now supports 50MP resolution in the rear camera and has been extended to support front camera.


In order to provide the best capture, edit and share experience, SRI-B engineers have contributed to the development of Photo Remaster and Object Eraser features. In Galaxy S23 series, it is further enhanced with the introduction of the AI-Interactive Contour Segmentation tool, through which users can draw around a particular object in a photo to select and convert it to objects and stickers that can be inserted in another image.



The multi-device experiences in the Galaxy S23 series offer users enhanced connectivity and customization to improve their daily lives. In particular, the Smart Lighting service, developed by SRI-B, focuses on enhancing the personal well-being of users. The Circadian Lighting service customizes the relative colour values of a smart light bulb to mimic the natural light from the Sun throughout the day. Additionally, the Gentle Wakeup and Wind Down settings help users gently adjust by slowly brightening or reducing the intensity of smart lights at home to imitate sunrise and sunset effects.


SRI-B also contributed to the development of seamless IoT device registration services known as ‘Calm Technology’ and has been part of the team to achieve the world’s first Matter-certified IoT eco system device. SRI-B engineers have developed services that allow consumers to set the mood, create their own personal space, and save energy for sustainable living at the touch of a button and with simple automations in SmartThings.


One UI 5 Intelligence Experiences   

To enhance the Galaxy’s One UI experience, SRI-B team contributed to On Device Intelligence powered Personalization, Productivity & Automation features which provide convenience in consumers’ daily lives. Smart suggestions based on phone usage proactively suggests App and App Actions, Security and privacy dashboard to see device status in one place and provides complete control in the hands of consumers. When sharing an image with private information on Share Panel, it warns if you can unwittingly share sensitive data in advance. Furthermore, users can easily extract text from images and take quick actions like Call, Email and Navigation, etc. Students can simply take a screenshot and long press on any text to copy, search, and translate such content easily.

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