SpeakUp, the oratory committee of XIMB, conducted Colloquium’19 at Xavier’s Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar on 30th June 2019

 Bhubaneswar: SpeakUp, the oratory committee of XIMB, conducted Colloquium’19 at Xavier’s Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar on 30th June 2019. Colloquium is an annual event hosted by Team SpeakUp wherein seasoned orators and speech trainers are invited to address the incoming batch of management aspirants on the nuances of oration, diction, confident speech and assertiveness.
This time around, SpeakUp had the honour of hosting the representatives of the Bhubaneshwar chapter of Toastmasters International, the famed international oratory community, as the esteemed speakers of the event. They shared their insights on the myriad forms of speech and many speaking techniques which included:1. Leadership building skills2. Thinking on your feet. Being prepared to answer questions you are not prepared for3. How to make use of body language and express yourself confidently4. How to subtly inculcate personal experiences in your speech to your advantage5. How to speak out confidently and properly in a group of speakers6. How to subtly use humour in a speechThe speakers of the event were toastmasters whose repertoire boasted of accolades galore.
Firstly, the audience was addressed by Mr DTM Kaushik who is a veteran in his own right and is currently serving as the Assistant Club Growth Director for District 41. He stated that “All you need to do when you are a leader, is to be a part of the team.”
The second speaker, Mr Dibyajit Bardhan, the current President of Toastmaster’s Community Club, is a multifaceted personality who harbours many a passion apart from Public Speaking. While sharing his life experience Mr Bardhan said, “My life has been fortunate enough to be enriched by contributions from strong women.”
Mr Abhishek Das, the third speaker, is a veteran Toastmaster and co-founder of Toastmasters Community Club, Bhubaneswar. He stated that “It’s always good to make your stage presence felt.”
The fourth speaker, Ms Navina has held various leadership positions in Toastmasters and is highly passionate about Public Speaking. Her advice to the students was, “You cannot speak on a topic for more than 5 mins without mental preparation.”
And the last speaker for the day, Mr Sumit Kakkar, is a passionate speaker and writer. He is also a stand-up comedian who enthralled the audience with his energetic stage presence. He emphasized that “Humor is a powerful tool that binds people together.”
The session was concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Ms Devleen Mishra, the coordinator of SpeakUp. This enlightening and simulating session provided valuable learnings to the students on how to develop and leverage their oratory skills in each and every aspect of their career and life.

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