Shree Cement Launches “Rockstrong Concrete Special”: A High-Strength Cement Revolutionizing Construction in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Shree cement, one amongst India’s top three cement brands, today unveiled a new product offering for the Odisha market. The new product ‘ROCKSTRONG Concrete Special’ is a high-strength specialized cement, engineered for faster setting and superior construction durability.
Mr. Neeraj Akhoury, Managing Director, Shree Cement Limited, said “The harsh and unpredictable weather conditions in Odisha demand a specialized cement that can build resilient and long lasting homes. Shree Cement, driven by a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation, proudly presents ‘ROCKSTRONG Concrete Special.’ This product is the outcome of decades of rigorous research and manufactured under strict quality controls. It caters to the ever evolving and diverse needs of our customers.”
Mr. Shailesh Ambastha, President Sales, Shree cement Limited, said “I am delighted to announce the launch of ‘ROCKSTRONG Concrete Special’ in the Odisha market, alongside our existing brands, Roofon and Bangur Power. This super-premium product sets a new standard with its remarkable strength, rapid construction capabilities, lifelong durability, and moisture-free LPP packing. With this launch, Shree Cement further consolidated its position as a technology leader in the industry.”
Shree Cement, with a production capacity of 46.4 MTPA, stands as one of India’s largest cement manufacturers. Their comprehensive range of products caters to individual and institutional customers across the country. Alongside Shree Cement, the company offers Roofon Cement, Bangur Cement, and Bangur Power Cement, renowned brand names associated with quality and reliability.

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