Seminar on INDIA’S ROLE IN BRICS organised by at Vikram Deb (Autonomous) College, Jeypore, Koraput, Odisha

Jeypore: A Seminar is organised by P.G Department of Political Science, Vikram Deb (Autonomous) College, Jeypore, Koraput, Odisha on the topic “INDIA’S ROLE IN BRICS” on 14.09.2017. In the inaugural address Head of the Department Dr. Rachana Acharya, deeply stated about the origin of BRICS and it’s role in the global perspective, United Nations’s aim and purposes, also the Challenging issues like terrorism, poverty eradication, nuclear weapons, peace and harmony etc.

Other faculty Members of the Department Shri Sankar Prasad Duria, elaborated details about BRICS in the global perspective, main motive of BRICS organisation to strengthen economic growth in this region, India’s economic development through BRICS and its Summits & future scenario. In his address, Shri Duria thoroughly analysed the different aspects like economic cooperations, cultural cooperations, defence cooperations, technological cooperations, energy security perspective, sustainable development, protection of minorities, the development of third world countries, the recent human rights issue of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and Chinese policy towards India.

Shri Uttam Kumar Panigrahi in his address highlighted the Role and Significance of BRICS in the aspects of social, political and economic growth. Shri Kanhu Charan Barada clearly pointed out about the importance of India in BRICS, and the joint operation of BRICS countries to combat terrorism, strengthening the energy security among these countries, refugee issues, economic growth of these countries etc.

Miss Gayatri Mohapatra emphasised the need of BRICS for the development of this region. The students of this college actively participated and Graduate and Post Graduate students of the Department presented their paper on this topic and at last Miss Rasmi Rekha Gouda of P.G 1st year gave vote of thanks to Head of the Department and other faculty members for their brilliant initiative to conduct this type of Seminar and also to students for their patience to listen for such a long time.

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