SAYA Group will invest Rs2000 + crores to develop & deliver India’s tallest mall, Saya Status, on Noida Expressway. The project spans approx. 1.4 million sq. ft. consists of 9 floors of stunning vertical development and is fully paid-up land.

The development boasts of innovative design and architectural values, offering a range of luxury amenities. It is expected to set new benchmarks in the retail industry and provide a fresh experience to customers. The construction of the project is in full swing, with the mall set to open its doors to visitors in 2025. It has been designed by the globally renowned architectural firm DP Architects, based in Singapore, The brain behind Dubai Mall.

“We are committed to developing Saya Status, India’s tallest mall, into one of the country’s iconic commercial spaces. For this, the company is investing Rs.2000 + crores in the project. SAYA Group is known for its quality construction and timely delivery, which has helped us create a name for ourselves in the real estate industry. We aim to continue delivering excellence with Saya Status. This project is a testament to our passion for innovation and excellence. We are confident that it will set new standards in the retail industry,” Vikas Bhasin, Chairman & Managing Director of Saya Group, said.

This project is expected to set new benchmarks in the retail industry and provide a fresh experience to customers—the launch of the project witnessed participation by thousands of audiences. Saya Group has a track record of delivering quality constructions, prime locations, and timely delivery, which has earned it a name in the real estate industry. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in its completed residential projects, including Saya Gold Avenue, Desire Residency, and Saya Zenith.

Saya Group also has other exciting projects in the pipeline, including Saya Piazza in Jaypee Wish Town and Saya South X in Greater Noida West. Saya Piazza is a premium retail arcade strategically located with a catchment area of over 50,000 families. On the other hand, Saya South X will elevate the retail experience with Premium Business Suites with a diverse selection of luxury brands set against tasteful landscaping. It is located in a bustling and growing neighbourhood with an active community of over 5 lakh residents.

With Saya Status, Saya Group is looking to set new standards in the retail industry and provide an unmatched shopping experience in India. The project promises to offer a perfect blend of style, luxury, and convenience that will leave shoppers impressed.


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