Saregama Carvaan announces price reduction; GST reduction passed to customer Brand Campaign launched

Mumbai: Saregama, the oldest music label and youngest movie studio, announced a price reduction of their popular digital audio player range: Carvaan and Carvaan Mini. The variants of Carvaan that were originally priced at Rs 6490 and Rs 6990/- will now be available at price point of Rs 5990 and Rs 6390 respectively. Carvaan Mini that was available at Rs 2490 will now be sold at Rs 2290. The move comes in the wake of the newly announced GST reduction, whose benefit the company has decided to pass on directly to its customers.
The price reduction is accompanied with the first brand film for Saregama Carvaan released across the digital domain.
The film talks about a unique connect that people have with old songs, and how these songs become emblems of different phases of their lives. Showcasing the relationship between a husband and wife over the years and how music defines the very essence of their being – the ad is effective and simple, in evoking a deep sense of nostalgia and pathos in the viewers’ minds. This is extended in developing a special bond with the couple’s son as well and positions Saregama Carvaan as the perfect gift for the parents.
Vikram Mehra, MD, Saregama shared his thoughts on the occasion, “Saregama Carvaan has been universally accepted by all as a unique gifting product.. Music evokes the deepest and the most personal of emotions, and we wanted to extend this core thought in Carvaan’s brand film. We wanted to tell an authentic story that rings true in every household. Through this TVC we have tried to narrate a story about the enduring fabric of a family and how Saregama Carvaan can be the unique gift to tide over all phases of life. I hope this ad connects with everybody out there – its all heart.”

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