Sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo wishing Happy Birthday to super star Rajinikanth through his sand art

Puri: International sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo has created a sand sculpture to grand congratulate 67th birthday ceremony of super star Rajinikanth. A prominent figure in the history of Indian cinema, he has won numerous awards for his performances. And also the Government of India honoured padma vibhushan in 2016 and padma bhusan in 2000 for his contributions towards Indian cinema.

In this sand sculpture Mr. Sahoo shown how Rajinikanth became actor to super star and success of his carrier in Indian Cinema. This sand sculpture is about 10ft wide and using 10tones of sand and continuous labour of 4 hours. By preparing this sculpture artist also wants to give the message “Happy Birthday to super star Rajinikanth “

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