#RSS will work for protection and promotion of Language and dialects in #Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Many Bharatiya languages and dialects are being eliminated due to their replacement by foreign languages and some of them have become extinct. RSS will work for protection and promotion of language and dialects in Odisha, that has been stated by Pranta Sangha Chalak(State president) of Odsiha East Sri Samir kumar Mohanty.
In a press conference at Bhubaneswar Sri Mohanty has stated that Akhila Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in its meeting held at Nagpur from 9th to 11 March has expressed its concern over this issue.
ABPS is of the opinion that the governments, other policy makers and the society, including the voluntary organizations should endeavor to undertake all kinds of efforts to protect and promote various languages and dialects of our country. For this, primary education across the country should only be in mother tongue or any other Bharatiya language.Teaching, study material and option of appearing in the examinations in higher education in all faculties including the technical and medical should be available in Bharatiya languages too. It is a welcome initiative that the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) and the examinations being conducted by the Union Public Service Commission have now been started in Bharatiya languages. Along with this, the same option should be available for all other entrance tests and competitive examinations still not being conducted in Bharatiya languages. Preference should be given to Bharatiya languages in all governmental and judicial works. In addition to this, Bharatiya languages should be encouraged in Governmental and non-governmental appointments, promotions and all kinds of functions instead of giving preference to English. The entire society including the swayamsevaks should give preference to the mother tongue in conversations and day to day interactions in the family. The tradition of collecting and reading literature in these languages needs to be cultivated. At the same time, their plays, music and folk arts should also be promoted. Traditionally, languages have been means to integrate the society in Bharat. So, while having pride of one’s mother tongue all should show a sense of respect for all other Bharatiya languages.Central and State governments should take effective steps to protect and promote all the languages, dialects and scripts of Bharat.
1500 members have attended the Pratinidhi Sabha meeting. Sri Suresh (Bhayaji ) Joshi has been elected by them as Sara Karyabaha (All India General Secretary) for another term of three years. The Sangha activities for last three years have been reviewed in this meeting and also planning for coming three years have been made to further expand it. As per the report placed in this meeting, now RSS has 83150 Sakhas , which is 3000 more than that of last year. During current year 120,000 swayam Sevaks have been trained in different camps of Sangha including 3500 of Odisha. 1,52,000 Seva Projects are being run by Sangha including 3300 of Odisha. From the year 2010 Sangha work is continuously increasing with active participation of SwayamSevaks. Sri Mohanty has told that 45 members of Odisha have attended this meeting.
In today’s press conference the Puri Bibhag Sanghachalak and Sri Prakash ch Prusty of Viswa Sambad Kendra were also present.

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