Renowned animator Dr. Christian Jezdic advises on Pitching Animation IP

New Delhi : “Screenplay writing for an animation series is very crucial.The written language used in books is very different from the screenplay language, they need specific crew to transliterate in case of adopting a comic book or any other story’’, said Dr. Christian Jezdic, CEO of beQ Entertainment while addressing a masterclass on ‘How to Pitch your Animation IP’ on the sidelines of the 53rd International Film Festival of India (IFFI) today.

Dr. Jezdic informed that the cost of making an animation show is very high. A 26-minute animation show may cost 7-10 million dollars. Finding of producers, directors, colorist, screen-players is important. But having an original idea is of utmost importance.

Highlighting the evolution of Video games, VFX, Animation industry from the 90s, Dr. Jezdic said, the growth is remarkable and it is replacing the traditional industry not only in Europe and US, but also in India. “I used to come to India with different companies in 90s. Now we are actively working with many companies in India, at Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi etc.”, he said.

Here are some of Dr. Christian Jezdic’s suggestions for the newcomers on pitching animation series’ ideas to potential financiers, producers, broadcasters and other stakeholders.

  • The best way to make an animation TV series is to have an original idea.
  • To whom to pitch your animation IPs? – Festival or specific markets. In Europe, there in cartoon forum where more than a thousand producers and broadcasters go to pitch their projects. So, first meet any broadcaster or even YouTube
  • Choose your setup. Avoid reading from a written material to the potential financier if you can. Find your way to remember the topics.
  • Essential elements for a pitch
  • Summarise your concept in three rows:  Concept,  Characters, Universe
  • Show a Trailer which is short and well made
  • Introduce your characters in the trailer
  • Have a storyline to prove that you know the story
  • Read out your storyline while pitching – show what you have in mind
  • Think of a Design/Style as one idea can be made in infinite ways
  • Know the budget required for implementing the work
  • Think of your team & partners from before-hand.

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