‘Red Shoes’ deals with gender-based violence against women in Mexico

New Delhi : “This film is very special to me. It has touched me in a deep way. More than the festival claps it’s the personal journey of the artists, that’s more important to me”, said Carlos Eichelmann Kaiser, the director of the Mexican Film Red Shoes (Zapatos Rojos). Along with Producers Alejandro De Icaza and Gabriela Maldonado and lead actress Natalia Solian, he interacted with the media delegates at the IFFI ‘Table Talks’ session, hosted by PIB on the sidelines of the International Film Festival of India in Goa.

Red Shoes, from Mexico is one of the 15 films competing under the International Competition Segment for the coveted Golden Peacock at the 53rd IFFI.


The drama revolves around the life of a farmer who is leading a life in isolation and the events that take place after he receives the news of his daughter’s death. The film progresses as the farmer tries to navigate through an unfamiliar and alien world to try and bring his daughter’s body home. Among the multiple award nominations the film has received, it was in contention for the Audience Award at Venice International Film Festival.

The Producer Alejandro De Icaza said that the film had an amazing story to tell. “Though the shooting process was complicated and protracted because we shot during the pandemic, it was great to work with Carlos”, he added.

He further said that the film was made using the federal fund, as art is hard to commercialize. The pandemic further complicated it and made it difficult. “We’re happy to be in India. India and Mexico share a lot of cultural similarities”, he added. When asked about the film industry in India he specially lauded the big and thriving Bollywood industry.

Sharing her experience as a debut actress, Natalia Solian said that she always wanted to do a movie and she was very excited. “I was curious working with Tacho because he is a natural actor. The Director has a very clear mindset and he is emotionally balanced too. As a Mexican woman I always wanted to be in a very balanced and emotional company. So overall it was a special feeling”, she said.

Talking about his inspiration to shoot the film, the Director Carlos said that the main idea was originated from the relationship he had with his father. “This film tries to open the conversation of masculine energy and how to use it in a positive way. But the principle theme is violence against women. The title was inspired from the activists who used to take over public spaces wearing red shoes to highlight the prevalent gender-based violence against women in Mexico”, he added.

When asked how he trained actor Eustacio Ascacio to play the lead character of Tacho, the Director Carlos said that it was not much difficult as Eustacio had a strong emotional resemblance with Tacho and went to a very deep emotional level to do the film. “The rhythm of the film is adapted to Tacho’s rhythm, and we tried to follow him”, he said.

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