Recovered Cases more than 4 lakh

New Delhi: Collective and focused efforts for containment and management of COVID-19 by the Government of India along with the States/UTs have led to the number of recovered cases among COVID-19 patients rise to 4,09,082 as of today. During the last 24 hours, a total of 14,856 COVID-19 patients have been cured.

So far, there are 1,64,268 more recovered patients than COVID-19 active cases. This takes the national Recovery Rate amongst COVID-19 to 60.77%.

There are 2,44,814 active cases and all are under active medical supervision.

There are 21 State/UTs with a Recovery Rate of more than the National average. The list is as follows:

S. No. State / UT Recovery Rate
1 Chandigarh 85.9%
2 Ladakh 82.2%
3 Uttarakhand 80.9%
4 Chhattisgarh 80.6%
5 Rajasthan 80.1%
6 Mizoram 79.3%
7 Tripura 77.7%
8 Madhya Pradesh 76.9%
9 Jharkhand 74.3%
10 Bihar 74.2%
11 Haryana 74.1%
12 Gujarat 71.9%
13 Punjab 70.5%
14 Delhi 70.2%
15 Meghalaya 69.4%
16 Odisha 69.0%
17 Uttar Pradesh 68.4%
18 Himachal Pradesh 67.3%
19 West Bengal 66.7%
20 Assam 62.4%
21 Jammu and Kashmir 62.4%

The testing lab network in the country continues to expand. With 786 labs in the government sector and 314 private labs, so there are as many as 1100 labs in the country. These include:

  • Real-Time RT PCR based testing labs: 591 (Govt: 368 + Private: 223)
  • TrueNat based testing labs: 417 (Govt: 385 + Private: 32)
  • CBNAAT based testing labs: 92 (Govt: 33 + Private: 59)

Focussed “Test, Trace, Treat” strategy coupled with various measures recently taken to remove hurdles for COVID-19 testing, there has been a steady rise in the samples tested every day; during the last 24 hours 2,48,934 samples have been tested. The cumulative number of samples tested, as on date, is 97,89,066.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued ‘A Guidance Document for General Medical and Specialised Mental Health Care Settings’. This is available at:

For all authentic & updated information on COVID-19 related technical issues, guidelines & advisories please regularly visit: and @MoHFW_INDIA.

Technical queries related to COVID-19 may be sent to [email protected] and other queries on [email protected] and @CovidIndiaSeva .

In case of any queries on COVID-19, please call at the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare helpline no.: +91-11-23978046 or 1075 (Toll-free). List of helpline numbers of States/UTs on COVID-19 is also available at .

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