Raksha Pipes Sets the Stage for Future Growth with Malaika Arora as Brand Ambassador  


Bengaluru : Raksha Pipes, a front-runner in the piping solutions industry and a flagship brand of The Shand Group of Industries, proudly announces the appointment of renowned Bollywood actress, model, dancer, VJ, TV presenter and fitness icon Malaika Arora as its first-ever brand ambassador. This collaboration signifies a momentous achievement for Raksha Pipes, underscoring its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation within the rapidly expanding piping solutions market. Malaika will actively engage in a spectrum of promotional activities, spanning digital and print campaigns, events, and social media initiatives.


In a compelling portrayal, Malaika takes viewers inside a home, emphasizing the extensive effort and dedication invested in constructing a house. Despite meticulous efforts and the engagement of expensive interior designer services, the narrative turns as she highlights a common oversight – using substandard pipes for plumbing. This choice leads to widespread seepage issues throughout the house, undermining the hard work put into its creation.


Addressing this concern, Malaika advocates for a more informed approach, urging viewers to seek expert advice rather than solely relying on advertisements. Emphasizing the pivotal role of quality piping solutions, she underscores the key features of Raksha Pipes – a promise of no breakage, no leakage, and longevity, encapsulated in the company’s tagline: “Raksha – Jeevan Bhar Ki Suraksha” (Lifetime Protection). The campaign serves as a clarion call to prioritize durable and reliable piping solutions, safeguarding homes for years to come. The collaboration celebrates the power of using the right piping solutions for one’s house and encourages individuals to use only the best for their homes.


Mr. Sanjay Shand, Managing Director of Raksha Pipes, expressed, “Malaika stands as India’s preeminent fitness influencer, championing the promotion of healthy lifestyles across all age groups. Raksha Pipes plays a crucial role in maintaining the well-being of both residential and commercial properties, safeguarding against unwanted seepage and leakage-related issues for generations to come. Our brand seamlessly aligns with her persona and resonates with our core philosophy. We wholeheartedly welcome Malaika Arora as our first brand ambassador. This collaboration not only recognizes the profound impact of choosing the right piping solutions for one’s home but also serves as an uplifting call for individuals to opt for nothing short of the best for their residences.”


Malaika Arora, Brand Ambassador of Rakha Pipes, said, “I am thrilled to get associated with Raksha Pipes. With five decades of Industry expertise, Raksha Pipes has never ever compromised on quality and services, keeping the customer-centric approach intact, and I am sure Raksha Pipes will continue to serve its customers with the same values and excitement. I wish the entire Raksha family, which spreads across not only the country but other parts of the world, all the very best.”


Research firm Crisil Rating projects a 13-15% YoY volume growth for PVC pipe manufacturers in the upcoming fiscal year, fueled by increased government budget allocations in water supply, irrigation, housing, and infrastructure. This resurgence follows a decade-high growth of 22-24% in the current fiscal year, rebounding from a subdued compound annual growth rate of approximately 2% over the past three years.


Raksha Pipes has recently unveiled ambitious expansion plans and a forward-looking growth strategy, particularly in the Agri-pipe market. This comprehensive initiative aims to position the group for a substantial turnover of Rs 3,000 Crores by FY29, with a projected annual growth rate of 20%. Additionally, the company has disclosed plans for constructing warehouses in strategic locations like Odisha, Bihar, and Jharkhand, further reinforcing its strategic groundwork for a robust presence in the Agri-pipe market.


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